Hello, and welcome to our website wiki. Below you will find website standards and details on how to updated areas of the website that require instructions.


  • Setting Full Width Images: When adding a photo that will need to span the full width of the website, add your media, and then change the page editor from “Visual” to “Text” (top right corner of this editing box). Inside the image tags, <img>, you will see width=”xxx” height=”xxx”. Change this to width=”100%” height=”auto”. This will ensure your image maintains it’s aspect ratio and scales to full width across all screen sizes.
  • Cropping Banner Photos to standardize them at 800px x 200px: When adding a banner photo, make sure that the image is at least 800px wide when uploading. Once uploaded, click on the photo in the media gallery, click “edit”, and then in photo size, set the width to 800px. The height will automatically adjust. Then drag your curser over the image to select the full width of the photo and adjust your selection so the height is 200px (you’ll see the numbers updating in the crop options). Once you are happy with the selected area, click on the crop icon to the top left of the photo and save your changes. 


Member Directory 

How to add/update a members contact info in the members directory?