Club History

The Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club was founded in 1932, promoting the principles of good yachtmanship, volunteerism and tradition.

Sandstone rocks from the Kingston area used as ballast in ships sailing west on the lake during the 1800s.  Discovered in Ashbridge’s Bay where they were first dumped, they created a shipping hazard and were then salvaged ca. 1895 (above left) and placed on club grounds in 1980 at the request of Gladys Humphrey (volunteer Gardener) (above right).



Fencing on new ABYC site, October 1976.

A Video History of ABYC


Some key milestones:

1932 founding of ABYC Club at waterfront (Knox & Eastern Avenues)
1936 first clubhouse built by members
1937 first Lease with city
1946 Letters Patent & Club charter drawn up; pennant, stationery and insignia designed
1948 Constitution drafted; clubhouse and railway moved south-east
1955 installation of first dock
1957 Club crest designed
1960 first Planning Committee
1961 Junior Sailing program starts
1963 first Bylaws
1965 first female keelboat member
1971 beginning of move to present-day site: new road starts from Lakeshore Boulevard
1973 start of new site fill, dredging begins October
1977 move completed, railway relocated, clubhouse compeleted (begun in 1975)
1978 lifted approximately 200 moorings from old site to new site
1979 Casa Ballman erected
1981 Sara Ashbridge launched
1983 Hardwall completed
1986 construction of Sailing School building
2001 Bay Belle Park finished (begun in 1999)
2004 Kleinfeldt Report; harbour expansion
2007 Club signs 20 year lease with city
2012 floating docks finished (begun in 2006)
ABYC members on board The Possum ca. 1930s, from L to R: Dorothy Graham, Marion, Walter Kellow (club Treasurer).  Then as now, ABYC members display camaraderie, a sense of adventure, and pride of place and vessel. Comets,ca. 1940. Wood came from a local lumber supplier at a cost of approximately $400 per member, who then was responsible for building his own racing dinghy.