Racing Crew Bank

Welcome sailors and skippers!

This is a place for you to connect to share your sailing experiences through ABYC’s Tuesday and Thursday race nights, as well as weekend regattas. Individuals can express their interest in racing with ABYC members who own a boat and are looking for additional racing crew, and members in need of crew can search and be matched up with interested individuals.

Registration consists of telling us how to reach you, your availability and what some of your current sailing skills are (if any). ABYC members can then search through the list to fill in crew positions as they need them. (And they are always looking for crew !)


Who do I contact about joining or making use of the crewbank?

Rebecca Crumlish and John Chittley are ABYC’s Crew Bank Coordinator.s For questions, contact them by email or use the following tabs to register as crew, search for boats, or search for available crew.

Is there an info session I can attend?

Yes! Each year we have our annual Crew Bank Night – an informative, social evening, designed to introduce novice and seasoned sailors with skippers looking for crew. You’ll receive information on everything you’ll need to know – from the gear and clothing required – to working with the Race Committee.

There will be people on hand to answer questions about crewing on an ABYC racing boat and the many advantages of Club membership. It’s a great opportunity to meet ABYC members and racing skippers and to see if crewing is for you.

CREW BANK NIGHT – Thursday May 5th at 6:30

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Do I need to be a member to join the crew bank?

To crew regually on an ABYC boat, you’ll need to become a member of the club. Associate membership fees are very affordable at $283 (plus HST) and allows you access to our Club facilities and activities.

Learn more about Membership at ABYC

Do I need previous sailing experience to join the crewbank?

Some knowledge of sailing is certainly helpful, but many boats will be willing to work with you to learn if you are keen to. If you have little or no sailing experience, you might consider taking the Adult Keelboat Course offered at ABYC. This course provides an invaluable introduction to the fundamentals of sailing and, though it isn’t mandatory to crew at ABYC, you (and your future crewmates) will find the experience much more enjoyable if you have acquired some basic sailing skills and knowledge of terms and equipment. The course fee also includes your first season’s Associate membership.

Looking to join a boat as crew? Simply fill out the form below to register for the crew bank. You will be contacted by our crew bank coordinator or a skipper looking for crew that matches your profile.

Don’t want to wait to be called? Come to the lower patio’s white tent, ready to sail, on any given Tuesday or Thursday evening throughout the sailing season. This is a great way to try out racing before making a commitment for the entire season, or to try out more than one boat before deciding to sail regularly with a given crew. In order to manage numbers let Rebecca or John know by email that you plan to come. It’s a first-come, first-served system, and we try our hardest to accommodate everyone turning out. If there is no boat available, you can get on the Race Committeee boat to see what’s involved in starting and finishing the races.

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To remove yourself from the Racing Crewbank, simply check the ‘Delete My Information’ checkbox and submit the change.

NOTE. Only ABYC members can access the crewbank to search.
The information provided here is for the sole purpose as stated above. At no time will this information be used for anything other that to get more people out sailing.

Are you a skipper looking for additional crew to join your racing team? If you know what you are looking for you can search available individuals below, or reach out to our Crew Bank Coordinator with your questions.