1July 16, 202114.2

The protest time limit is 2 hours after the race committee boat has docked or the race committee signals no more racing today, whichever is later. The time will be posted on the official notice board at

The notation ‘[DP]’ in a rule in the SI means that the penalty for a breach of that rule may be less than disqualification at the discretion of the protest committee,

1 Rules

1.1 The races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

1.2 The PHRF-LO rules shall apply. Boats competing in one-design divisions must have a valid measurement certificate. Class measurement rules will apply for designated one-design classes (J-24 and Viking 28).

2 Changes to Sailing Instructions

2.1 Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted at no later than 45 minutes before the first scheduled start of the day on which it will take effect, except that any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 1700 on the day before it will take effect.

3 Communications with Competitors

2.1 Notices to competitors will be posted at which will notify competitors of notices by email. Notices may also be posted on the official notice board located in the Communications Room on the lower floor of the clubhouse once the clubhouse is permitted to re-open.

4 Signals Made Ashore

4.1 Signals made ashore will be displayed on the main flagpole southwest of the clubhouse beside the patio.

4.2 When flag AP is displayed ashore, ‘1 minute’ is replaced with ‘not less than 30 minutes after the AP is lowered.

5 Schedule of Races

5.1 Series A races are scheduled for Tuesday evenings from July 13 to September 14. Ten (10) races are scheduled.

5.2 B Series races are scheduled for Thursday evenings from July 15 to September 16. Ten (10) races are scheduled.

5.3 The warning signal for the first start for Series A and B races will be given at 1830.

5.4 Number of races: There will be no more than one race per day. There will be 10 races scheduled for each of Series: A and B, with at least three races sailed to constitute a series.

5.5 In the event that a race is abandoned for the day it will not be re-sailed.

6 Divisions

 DivisionDescriptionClass Flag
Spinnaker1ASP 104 sec/mile and underNumeral Pennant 1
 2ASP 105-161NP 2
 3ASP 162 and overNP 3
 6Viking 28NP 6
 7J-24NP 7
Non-Flying Sails4ASP 186 and underNP 4
 5ASP 187 and overNP 5

7 Racing Area

7.1 The racing area will be a circle having a radius of approximately 1/2 nautical mile with centre located approximately 1.33 nautical miles on a bearing of 89 degrees from the ‘new’ South headland of the club (TRCA calls it the east breakwater).

8 The Courses

8.1 The ABYC Fixed Mark Course can be found at

8.2 No later than the warning signal, the race committee signal vessel will display the mark numbers to be rounded in the order of rounding. The first numeral will be the windward mark, the second the gybe mark and the third the downwind mark. Only Divisions 4 and 5 will round the gybe mark.

8.3 The course for Spinnaker Divisions will be windward-leeward courses, finishing downwind. Divisions 1 and 2 will sail three pairs of windward/leeward legs (for a total of six legs) and Divisions 3, 6 and 7 will sail two sets of windward-leeward courses for a total of four legs.

8.4 The courses for Divisions 4 and 5 will be a triangle followed by a windward then leeward leg, for a total of 5 legs, finishing downwind.

9 Marks

9.1 The marks will be yellow spars approximately 7 inches in diameter, and standing approximately 8 feet out of the water. Numbers will be painted in black. Marks with even numbers have black tops.

9.2 Mark co-ordinates.

            Mark Latitude       Longitude

0N4339.219 W7916.665
1N4339.630 W7916.272
2N4339.309 W7915.986
3N4338.935 W7916.098
4N4338.728 W7916.542
5N4338.809 W7917.058
6N4339.130 W7917.344
7N4339.503 W7917.232
8N4339.710 W7916.788

9.3 The Racing Marks were placed using GPS Map Datum NAD-27 Canada. Mark placement discrepancies shall not be grounds for redress.

10 The Start

10.1 Races will be started by using RRS 26.

10.2 All boats shall attempt to check in with the RC Vessel before the first warning signal by sailing past the stern of the RC Vessel on starboard tack, displaying their sail numbers.[DP]

10.3 Starting Sequence:

Series A (Tuesday Evenings)

Start 1 Division 1
Start 2 Division 2
Start 3 Divisions 3 & 5
Start 4 Division 4

Series B (Thursday Evenings)

Start 1 Divisions 1 & 2
Start 2 Divisions 4
Start 3 Division 3, 5 & 6 (V28)
Start 4 Division 7 (J24)

10.4 The starting line will be between a staff or halyard displaying an orange flag on the RC vessel (normally the Sarah Ashbridge) and the nearest fixed mark.

10.5 Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall avoid the starting area during the starting sequence for other races. The starting area is defined as a rectangle extending half of the length of the start line beyond each end of the start line and in front of and behind the line. [DP]

10.6 A boat that does not start within 5 (five) minutes of her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start without a hearing. This changes RRS A4 and A5.1.

10.7 If any part of a boat’s hull is on the course side of the starting line at her starting signal and she is identified, the race committee will attempt to hail her sail number on VHF 71. Failure to hail her number, failure of her to hear such a hail, or the order in which boats are hailed will not be grounds for a redress for request. This changes RRS 62.1(a).

11 Change of The Next Leg of the Course

11.1 To change the next weather leg of the course, the race committee will post a new weather mark number at the leeward mark.

12 The Finish

12.1 The finishing line will be between the staff or halyard displaying the blue flag on the RC vessel and the nearest fixed mark of the course.

12.2 A boat that withdraws from a race shall notify the Race Committee at the first reasonable opportunity, either by hail or by VHF radio on channel 71. A boat failing to do so may be disqualified and/or be subject to disciplinary action by the club. [DP]

13 Time Limits

13.1 Time limits shall be 2045 in July; 2030 in August and 2015 in September.

13.2 Boats failing to finish within 20 minutes after the first boat in a division sails the course and finishes or within the time limit, whichever is later, will be scored DNF without a hearing. This changes RRS 35, A4 and A5.1.

14 Hearing Requests (formerly Protests and Requests for Redress)

14.1 Hearing requests must be made by completing the form at, Once submitted, if you do not receive immediate confirmation that it has been received, send an email to Alternatively, you may send a detailed email including all requirements of rule 61.2 to See SI Addendum A.

14.2 The protest time limit is 2 hours after the race committee boat has docked or the race committee signals no more racing today, whichever is later. The time will be posted on the official notice board at

14.3    The Protest coordinator will schedule all hearings.

14.4 Protests will be scheduled at the first available date, normally on a Monday evening. Parties to hearings will be notified by email from All such emails will be from “Do Not Reply”.

14.5 Protest hearings will be rescheduled only at the discretion of the Protest Chair.

14.6 Notices of protests by the race committee or protest committee will be posted on the Official Notice Board at to inform boats under RRS 61.1(b).

15 Scoring

15.1 Appendix A4 and 5.3 shall apply.

15.2 For Series A and B, three completed races are required to constitute a series.

15.3    (a) When fewer than five races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores.

(b) When five to seven races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.

(c) When eight or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her two worst scores.

15.4    Scoring Inquiries must be submitted through See SI Addendum A.

16 Safety Regulations

16.1 Boats shall not raise spinnakers prior to clearing the starting line. [DP]

16.2 Boats shall not race with anchors stowed such that they extend outside the deck edge of the boat. [DP]

17 Prizes

17.1 Prizes will be given as follows: trophies will be awarded to the top finisher in each Division for each Series. Flags will be awarded to the top three finishers in each Division for each series. ABYC reserves the right to not present flags if fewer than three boats participate in a Series.

18 Disclaimer of Liability

18.1 Competitors participate in Club racing entirely at their own risk. See RRS 3, Decision to Race. Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after racing.

19 Insurance

19.1 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance according to the Club rules.

SI Addendum A

To file a Protest or Request for Redress (Now called a HEARING REQUEST) or Scoring Inquiry

Option 1

Go to and click on the blue + button to the left of “Official Notice Board”. Select “File a Hearing Request” or “Scoring Inquiry”. Follow the steps to complete the form on your phone or tablet, or if you are at home, you can use your computer. Much of the form will auto-populate.

NOTE: Hitting ‘return’ or ‘enter’ will automatically submit the form! DO NOT USE ‘RETURN’ OR ‘ENTER’ UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO SUBMIT

OR Option 2

Go to and, under “Event”, select ‘Notice of Public Links’ and scan the QR Code

OR Option 3 (Best Yet)

Download the app to your phone from Google Play or Apple App Store.