2021 Regattas at ABYC


For all visiting and member boats at ABYC regattas:
Visitors to ABYC by boat will see big changes due to ongoing construction projects. Two breakwaters are enclosing a new “Ashbridge’s Bay Outer Harbour”, there is a new landfill south of the treatment plant, and there is a drilling operation to the south. See https://abyc.ca/visiting-abyc/ for details.

ABYC requires skippers to be responsible for concussion awareness and removal-from-sport procedures under Rowan’s Law for their crew. By registering for ABYC regattas you, as skipper, agree to accept that responsibility and to comply with these concussion management procedures. If you will not be the skipper (the person in charge or PIC) on your boat for the race, you must ensure that your appointed PIC will comply with these procedures on your behalf.