Expectations of Members

ABYC is a Self-Help Club.

ABYC is a community and a facility built, maintained, operated and administered by its members with help from a small professional staff. Members participate in the general maintenance and upkeep, special projects, club administration and the operation of our many programs, both on and off the water.  We have an expectation of each other that we all contribute in some manner to this effort.  More than simply an economical means of maintaining our facility and operating our programs, the philosophy engenders a cooperative spirit that has forged many deep and long-standing friendships.

Members’ contributions in the form of committee and administrative work are considered equally important as physical labour. If you have any physical constraints we can assist you in finding an activity that is appropriate to your abilities. We have an active member committee system that organizes such activities as entertainment, marketing, member recruiting, and publicity to mention just a few.

Are you a racer or interested in race management? Members can fulfil the expectation to contribute by joining the various race committees.  No experience is necessary – we will train!

A great way to get to know your fellow members is through the Saturday morning “work parties”, which occur from late October to early May, from 9 am to Noon. Members meet in the clubhouse and project leaders are on hand to assign tasks. Please bring your own coveralls, work boots, and heavy gloves.  All tools, equipment and supplies will be provided. If you have any special skills such as welding, plumbing, or carpentry, they are needed from time to time. If you feel that you don’t have a special skill, and wish to learn one, without a doubt, work parties are an excellent opportunity to do so.

From time to time the Club will organize a Saturday full day, “all hands on deck work party”.  These are generally scheduled near launch and haulout to ready our club for the season or the winter. During this time, a number of one-day projects are on the work list and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Notices and calls for members to contribute can generally be found in the weekly Ship2Shore email newsletter or through direct contact with committee or project leaders, Board members or the Work Management Committee.  New members will usually receive guidance and suggestions from their mentor and the membership committee for finding a suitable way to contribute, and to connect, to your new yacht club.