Boat Ownership FAQ

FAQs on Dock Assignments, Changing Boats, Boat Measurement, Changing Membership

These FAQs represent typical questions the board and harbourmaster get about docks and boats. 

These are not applicable to kayaks/paddleboards/canoes/sailing dinghies and tenders.

The answers are based on our bylaws and our policies, and the references to the original documents are included (Bx.x is a Club Bylaw reference, Px.x is a Board Policy reference).

Once I have been assigned a specific dock, will I keep it for the next season?

Usually yes. However, the Harbourmaster’s task is to get as many members’ boats as possible into the harbour, while trying to keep everyone as happy as possible. This means that if your boat is in a slip that will accommodate a larger boat, and another slip is available that will hold your boat but not that larger boat, you may get moved. This rarely happens mid-season, but could if moving means accommodating an extra boat. P6.04, P13.21d
If you are assigned a slip on a temporary basis for the season, you may have to move your boat occasionally. The club will try to give you lots of notice, but it is important for you to move it as required!


I have a special request for a dock, what do I do?

Submit your request to as soon as possible. The harbourmaster gets requests based on disability, preference for mooring side, preference for dock location, proximity to friends, etc. All requests are considered, but once slips are assigned for the season it becomes much harder to accommodate requests, as it may involve your boat and another boat moving. Special requests do take into account dock seniority (years which you were a senior or life member) and volunteer contribution to the club (in any form). P6.08, P6.09


I want to sell my boat, what do I do?

Advise the Club of your intent with the Change of Boat form When the sale is complete, update the office with an updated form. Until you do, you will keep getting charged for storage. This form is the only document that will be used to record boat changes.


If the new owner of my boat is already a member or becomes a member, do they keep the dock the boat is in?

Not usually. The harbourmaster may have them keep the boat there temporarily if the sale occurs after docks are assigned for the season, but assignments are based on seniority/contribution and this will likely result in a slip change for the following season. If the harbour is full and a member with more seniority has a boat without a slip, the new owner, with less seniority, may have to take the boat elsewhere until a dock is free for them. P6.07, P6.08, P6.09, P6.11, P6.12


My boat isn’t sold yet, but I’ve already brought in a new one…

There is a two week no-charge period for you to remove the old boat. If the boat isn’t sold by then, you can request a longer stay, but you will have to pay pro-rated storage on land, or in water if it is available (i.e. nobody waiting for a slip). If there is no space, you will have to move one of the two boats elsewhere. P6.03, P6.12d


Who can bring a boat into the club?

At least one owner of the boat must be a senior or life member; all co-owners must be members of some class. B10.01e-f


What do I need to do to bring in a new boat?

Fill in the New Boat Request form as soon as you know you’re bringing in a new boat. The boat will then be evaluated for admission into the Club Fleet, and if appropriate, admitted by the Board (after consultation with Harbourmaster and Rail/Crane chairs).
One admitted to the Club fleet, a boat may be assigned a slip or winter storage, temporarily assigned a slip, or be put on a priority(wait) list for a slip and/or winter storage, depending on how full the club is and the timing of the boat’s arrival. B10.01, B10.02, P6.07
You will need your boat to be insured and provide proof of insurance to the club before the boat arrives. B7.04
If you already have a slip for the season, you are entitled to replace the existing boat with a boat not greater in size (new boat’s measured length and beam must be less than or equal to the original boat). P6.06


When will I find out if I will get a dock for my new boat?

The deadline for requests for a dock for a new boat, or for a new dock assignment, is January 31st each year. The Harbour Management Committee does their best to assign boats to slips, based boat size, slip size, and where there is a shortage, on dock seniority (years which you were a senior or life member) and in some circumstances, volunteer contribution to the club (in any form). The Harbour Management Committee will provide information on dock assignments no later than March 31st, and will endeavour to do so as soon as possible after January 31st. P6.08, P6.10, P6.11, P13.21
The priority/wait lists will be published in the members’ area of the website so you are aware of the number of boats ahead of you and relative seniority.


I want to upsize my boat, but only if I can get a dock for it. What should I do?

If you want to bring in a larger boat but do not want to commit to the purchase until you are sure that the Club has a slip for you, submit a Change of Boat Form for the new larger boat. If you are assigned a slip for that larger boat, you will be charged for the larger size boat even if you have not yet taken ownership of the new boat.
If you choose not to upsize, you are welcome to downsize the following year. If you cannot complete the purchase by January 31st of the next year, you will forfeit your right to the larger dock space. P6.10e


When do I start paying for my dock?

If you are assigned a dock for the season, you are responsible for paying for the dock for the entire season (if your boat is delayed, the slip waits empty for you to use it). If your purchase is substantially delayed or cancelled and you wish to relinquish your dock, and there is a member waiting to use it, a partial refund may be possible. P6.10d


I’m a new senior member. When must I pay boat initiation?

If you have not yet paid a boat introduction fee, you must pay the relevant boat introduction when you are assigned a dock, or before you bring the boat to the club, whichever comes first.


I’m a new senior member. When must I pay capital assessments?

Capital assessments are split into fixed portions (Spring, Fall) and a portion associated with Summer storage. All senior members must pay the fixed portions, but the summer-storage related portion is only payable when you are assigned a dock, or before you bring a boat to the club, whichever comes first.


I’m upsizing my boat. Do I have to pay an additional boat introduction fee?

If you became a senior member after 2012 (before that, initiation fees were all-inclusive and independent of boat size), and you are upsizing your boat you must pay any required difference in Boat Introduction fees when you are assigned a dock for the larger boat, or when you bring the larger boat to the club, whichever comes first.


I’m buying a boat already in the club fleet. Do I have to pay boat introduction fee?

Boat introduction fees establish a right for the member to keep a boat of that size at the club. They do not transfer with the boat if a boat is sold to another member. See also When do I start paying for my dock?.


Can I bring in a powerboat?

Our club allows powerboats. However, sailboat racing is a key part of our club, and at this time, a maximum of 10% of the slips in the harbour can be assigned to power boats. The limit does not apply to a member who has had a boat at the club for at least two years and is converting from sail to power. P2.19


What is the largest boat we allow in the Club Fleet?

Under no circumstances can a boat be greater than 30,000 lbs in displacement or 15’ 0” in beam; our docks aren’t built for bigger boats. There are no exceptions.P6, P6.01a, P7.01
Any boat that is greater than 40 feet LOA (measured!), 14’ in beam, 6’6” in draft, or 24,500 lb in displacement (but NOT over 30,000 lbs or 15’0” in beam) is “oversized”, and requires special permission to bring into the club. Further, any “oversized” boat, will only be hauled out if practical, and this may change year-to-year; members will be given all possible notice haulout at the club is not possible. P6.01b, P601c, 7.02, P7.03


Why are boats measured at ABYC?

A Catalina 34 is closer to 36’ when pulpit and stern ladder are included. Some boats with davits, bowsprits, or solar panel arrays can be 4-6’ longer than their “nominal” length. This is important as a boat that is actually 46’ long will take more harbour space, and potentially a longer slip, as well as more land space in the winter, than a boat which is only 40’ long.
For the purposes of boat introduction fees, the nominal length of a boat is used. For storage, the actual length and beam are used. Taking our Catalina 34 as an example, it counts as a “medium” boat for Boat Introduction purposes (29’ – 34’11”), but the annual bill will be based on the 36’ measured length. P2.11e, P2.11f


When are boats measured?

Any boat new to the club is measured at the earliest convenience of the volunteer measurers, after which fee adjustments will be sent out as required. If you disagree with the measurement, you can request a re-measure and be present for that measurement.


I remove some gear in the winter, can I have a different winter storage measurement?



I am a senior member and wish to resign or change membership class. What do I do?

All Senior member resignations and membership class changes are due by December 31st, to take effect January 1st of the next year. If a resignation is not received by that date, applicable fees for the next year will be due, in full. This is because our club budgets in January based on expected senior members, and changes after the budget is set impact all other members. B6.12a-b
If you still have a keelboat on the premises on January 1st, the Senior membership will continue and fees will be prorated and continue until May 30th, by which time the boat must be removed from the property. B6.12c


I am an associate, junior or associate senior, and I wish to change to senior to bring a boat into the harbour. What do I do?

You can switch to Senior membership at any time of the year, and your senior fees and capital assessments will be pro-rated accordingly. However, you cannot apply to bring a boat into the club fleet or be considered for a dock until you become a Senior Member. B6.03f-g, B6.04f, B6.07d
Initiation fees payable for Associate and Junior members vary by category and years membership, see B6.03f, B6.04f.


I want to change where I keep my boat for the winter. What do I do?

You must advise VC Marine at least 30 days before haulout of a desire to store a boat not previously stored, or if you will not be storing a boat that was previously stored . However, it would be appreciated if you advised the Club as soon as you know your intent, even as early as Launch, so that we can better advise potential new members of the possibility of winter storage. If you fail to provide the required notice of a change, you may not get space for the winter, or you may be charged for space you don’t use. P2.11d, 3.04m