The purpose of these procedures is to establish a consistent approach to the measurement of boats stored on ABYC property. The following procedures will be used in determining the size of all boats accepted for storage by ABYC:

  1. When a new boat is accepted for storage, it will be inspected by either the Yard or Harbour Master and the Club Measurer. This inspection will be carried out to determine the following:
    1. If the boat in question is a class boat, it must be determined if there have been any modifications which will make it larger (smaller) than the other boats of that class.
      1. If there have been modifications, the boat must be measured.
      2. If there are no modifications, no measurement is required. The boat shall be assigned the measurements which are standard for that class
    2. If the boat being inspected is not a class boat, it must be measured to determine the proper dimensions for storage purposes.
  2. The dimensions of a boat will include the following:
    • Bow Sprits and Boomkins
    • Bow and Stern pulpits and Davits
    • Anchor rollers (not including anchors)
    • Outboard motor brackets in the raised position (not including motor)
    • Transom hung rudders in the “straight ahead” position
    • Self-Steering apparatus
    • Permanently mounted swim platforms
  3. When a Member or the Yard / Harbour Master requests a measurement or re-measurement, office staff will prepare a Boat Measurement Request form which will include all known information about the boat in question. The form will be given to the club measurer who will make arrangements to carry out the measurement within 15 days of the request. When the re-measurement is requested by the Member, that Member MUST be present when the re-measurement is done. When the re-measurement is requested by the Yard / Harbour Master, every effort shall be made to have the Member be present when the measurement is carried out.
  4. Once the measurement is done, the revised information will be added to the Boat Measurement Request form, the Member will be asked to sign it (indicating his or her agreement with the revised dimensions) and it will be returned to the office. The form will then be presented to either or both Yard/Harbour Master(s) for approval of the new dimensions.
  5. Once approved, office staff will update the boat database and if necessary, prepare a revised bill for storage.
  6. The measurement will be stored in the club database and will be the only means used for calculation of boat storage fees and allocation of space in the yard and a dock in the harbour.
  7. The completed Boat Measurement Request form will be stored in the member’s file for future reference.

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