In order to update the Calendars above, you must first obtain a local copy of the calendar.  ‘Your Copy’ will become the master copy which you can edit and publish as often as required.  Steps 1-8 need only be carried out once.  Step 9 – 11 are required to publish your updates.

1 Click Subscribe
2 Answer ‘Yes’ if prompted to allow your calendar program to start
3   Answer ‘Yes’ to ‘Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook’
4   You should now see two calendars.  If not, the checkbox beside the calendar is probably unchecked.
5   Since you cannot edit an Internet Calendar,  make a copy of the calendar locally.  Right click the ‘ABYC .. Internet Calendar’ entry and select Copy.
6   Select Calendar under Personal Folders to copy the calendar to
7    Three Calendars should now be visible. Your personal calendar, the internet calendar and your copy.  *** Note *** Your copy may have been inserted before the internet subscription.
8    In the left panel, right click the ‘ABYC_xxxxx in Internet Calendars’ entry and select delete.  (We have what we need, our copy to edit)
9    Edit the ‘ABYC xxx’ calendar as you would any Outlook Calendar.
10    Prior to publishing, save the calendar as a transferable file.  Right click the ‘ABYC_xxx’ calendar in the Left panel.  Select Save As.  Save the file to a convenient location. (note the location, we will need it, and DO NOT RENAME THE FILE , OUTLOOK will want to append _Calendar.  Remove the extra “_Calendar”)Also ensure the ‘Save as Type:’ is iCalendar Format (*.ics)
11   At the top of the ‘Calendar Administration’ web page, select ‘Choose File’, select the file above, click ‘Upload File’.