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The oceans are downstream of everything. And they don’t have an endless capacity to absorb waste. In fact, every year people dispose of 161 million gallons of used motor oil improperly—an amount greater than the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Much of this oil ends up in waterways and the oceans, where it takes a tremendous toll on aquatic life. By being careful about oil and other substances, you can help keep ocean waters clean. –Ocean Conservancy

In April we will have a dedicated section on our website that will provide you with valuable Tips & Tricks and more that you, our membership can help us to achieve our Goals. With your feedback and participation we can improve our environment at ABYC. Please help us improve our club so that our children can enjoy the same benefits we have.

Our program here at ABYC will aim to utilize the best environmental practices, raises individual awareness, conduct club research and audits to indentify how we can best apply environmentally friendly practices. Simply, to make boating and ABYC club operations as sustainable as possible for us.