This adult course will concentrate on the nationally recognized CANSail 1 & 2 program (previously White Sail I, II, & III). This is a basic sailing course for new sailors or those who wish to continue gaining knowledge and experience. Sailors with previous experience and/or having attained their level 1 & 2 are also welcome, instructors are certified to teach up to CANSail 3 & 4.

You will learn the basic elements of sailing theory (parts of the boat, points of sail, etc.) and on-water skills (safety, crewing, steering, and seamanship). With an experienced Sail Canada CANSail instructor as your coach, you will master the skills and knowledge required to safely sail a dinghy in moderate wind and sea conditions.

Sailors are introduced to the sport and learn the fundamentals while sailing in 420s; these 14-foot instructional sailboats are responsive, fast, exciting and a great work-out.



Evening Courses

We will be running two sessions for this course, both two nights a week for four consecutive weeks, from 6-9 pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
June 19th – July 12

July 17th – August 9

Weekend Courses

We will be running one session of this course. It will occur on Saturday and Sunday for two consecutive weekends 10am-4pm. Additional weekend sessions may be offered with sufficient demand.

•June 16, 2018 – June 24, 2018

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