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Maritime Radio Restricted Operators Certificate


Looking to improve your communications skills on the radio? Everyone who operates a keelboat should have their Operators Certificate.
The Maritime Radio course teaches emergency radio procedures, and everyday operating techniques. Learn all about the uses of marine radios, choice of frequencies, operation, phonetic alphabet, procedural words and phrases, as well as Digital Selective Calling and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, (DSC/GMDSS).  To achieve certification a multiple choice test must be completed to 75% and an oral demonstration of radio calls and the phonetic alphabet must successfully be demonstrated.
NOTE: Students should pick up and read their textbook at the ABYC office before the first class.  

Sail Canada Celestial Navigation Course


This Sail Canada course focuses on the fundamental skills for determining your position using celestial navigation.  Looking to learn a little about Celestial Navigation as a special interest course?  Then this is for you. To achieve accreditation, you will need to successfully pass the test and present your Sail Canada Intermediate Navigation accreditation. 

Passage Planning

This course will help you plan for and execute a passage that may involve a long distance or overnight scenario to a known or unknown destination – in order to gain comfort and confidence to go cruising in safety with proper preparedness.The course will simulate a sample passage in the Southern Gulf Islands, as it will expose sailors to a greater range of required preparations, planning, navigation, hazards and execution in waters that have significant tides and currents. Some topics that will be covered are provisioning, sail plan, weather check, engine check, proper documents, crew briefings/preparations, crew overboard, emergency preparations, destination planning, navigation planning, passage making.

Sail Canada Basic Navigation


Basic Navigation is an essential component of sailing.  Whether it is getting out of the harbour or getting across the lake, we all need to know how to plan and execute the navigation aspect of the trip.  Thinking of taking Intermediate Cruising?  This course is a prerequisite for Sail Canada’s Intermediate Cruising. 

Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Theory


Planning to go across the lake?  Want to do some overnight sailing?  Take the next level in learning with Sail Canada’s Intermediate Cruising Course.  Intermediate Cruising Theory is filled with learnings about the systems onboard the typical 35’ cruising boat, sail trim components and even a little bit about engines and passage planning. We divide Sail Canada’s Intermediate Cruising into two components.  The theory component here is carried out in a zoom classroom environment.  Then in the summer if you want to achieve full certification you will spend 5 days onboard our CS33 to complete the on water component of your training.  For full details and on water pre requisites, check the Syllabus

Sail Canada Start Keelboat Sailing or Basic Cruising Instructor Clinic


Registration: Please see Ontario Sailing for course offerings

Becoming a keelboat instructor with Sail Canada can be achieved either as a Start Keelboat instructor or as a Basic Cruising Instructor.  Clinics are offered either as stand alone or combination clinics.   At the clinic, you will receive training and coaching on how to teach, plan lessons, and evaluate students. You will be evaluated on your practical boating and sailing skills on-water and dockside and theory knowledge through working papers as well as proctored examinations. Candidates must be current in their sailing skills and knowledge for the level they are seeking, prior to entry into this clinic. Candidates who successfully complete this course will be able to teach and certify within the Sail Canada system, to the level they are signing up for.  Please see Sail Canada’s list of pre requisites for the instructor level you are seeking.

Sail Canada Intro To Race

Want to crew in a club race or weekend race?  Want to learn the ropes a little before you get on the boat for the first time?  This Intro To Race Program will get you started in the right direction. This Intro to Race program is split into 2 modules so you can pick and choose the learning you are after.


Pre Requisites: Basic Cruising or equivalent.  Please email for more details.

Module 1 Intro To Race

This is an introduction to how to rig the boat for racing.  You will rig both main and jib in the roles of main trimmer, pit and foredeck.  Then you will learn the windward leeward course setup, experience sail handling around the race course and the setup of the start line, race committee boat and start and finish flags and signals.  This training will include at least one session in ABYC club racing.  For full accreditation Module 1, 2 and 3 must be completed with successful test results of a minimum of 70% and on water skills demonstration. 

Module 2 Intro To Race

You have rigged the boat, been around the race course a few times and now you want to learn a little about how the rules work.  Module 2 includes classroom learnings of the fundamental rules from the Racing Rules of Sailing. Module 2 also includes a minimum of 1 on water session in a club race to practice and demonstrate the rules you are learning about. 

For full accreditation Module 1, 2 and 3 must be completed with successful test results of a minimum of 70% and on water skills demonstration. 

Module 3 Intro To Race

Module 3 is the written test night only.  For full accreditation Module 1, 2 and 3 must be completed with successful test results of a minimum of 70% and on water skills demonstration. 

Sail Canada Spinnaker Training


Time to ramp up your sailing game to include an asymmetric or Symmetric spinnaker.  Cruising or racing now sees a lot of fun with an asymmetric and symmetric spinnaker.  This two day course will take you through rigging, hoisting and dousing, gybing and trimming.  This course does not have a written test.  The course is often offered separately for Asymmetric or Symmetric.  Check the listings for your specific choice.

Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Course On Water


Sail Canada’s Intermediate Cruising is the next step up from Basic Cruising. It is designed for those who are either
• moving into boat ownership
• wanting to bareboat charter
• wanting to learn more about the systems on boats
• wanting to learn how to do a cruise of more than a few hours and various ways to handle the boat at a whole new level.
Pre Requisites
You must have the following pre requisites to register. Some certifications may be in progress.
• Basic Cruising
• Basic Navigation
• 2 years experience skippering boats or 10-15 daytime voyages of greater than 10 Miles.

Power Vessel Operator Permit

Syllabus Details: Power Vessel Operator Permit

Location: Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club
Dates: Throughout the summer, or in conjunction with your Basic Cruising

To operate a power vessel in the Toronto Harbour you are required to comply with the local regulations.  This includes obtaining and maintaining a Power Vessel Operator Permit for Toronto if you or your boat are a resident or if this is your usual boating area.  If you are doing this course in conjunction with Sail Canada Basic Cruising, a PCOC is not required.  If you are doing this course as a PVOP course, you must have your PCOC card or Basic Cruising.  It must be presented to the Lead instructor prior to course commencement.  You will be contacted by the Lead Instructor.

Sail Canada Start Keelboat Sailing


Start Keelboat Sailing is the perfect entry level into sailing.  The course is taught on a Beneteau First 22 and offers a large cockpit for learning in with your fellow students and your instructor.  If you are interested in trying out sailing this is your entry point.  If you have been sailing before and know that this is something for you or you want to be the person in charge on the boat, or just want to hone your skills, then have a look at Basic Cruising.  Start Keelboat Sailing is offered in a variety of formats.  Choose from daytime, evening or weekend courses. Pre Requisites: None

Sail Canada Basic Cruising


To be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sloop-rigged keelboat of 6 to 10 meters with an outboard or inboard motor in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. The focus of this standard is on the development of basic sailing and seamanship skills as well as the knowledge needed to make the decisions expected of a skipper. Pre Requisites: None

Offshore Race Training  

Please see the full details of this course at
All registrations, once approved by  are processed through ABYC’s registration page

More Time  

This is a 4 hour session to get a little more hands on experience sailing after you have taken Basic Cruising or Start Keelboat Sailing.

You will be refreshing or practicing the skills taught in the Start Keelboat or Basic Cruising curriculum.

Pre requisites: Prior experience sailing or taking the Basic Cruising course. This is not an entry level session.

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