Tallow Crew

Contact: Nancy Wilson
Email: ndwilson19@gmail.com
Cell: 416.219.0519

Technically there isn’t a crew anymore. Yep, it’s just me. I’m the only one left and although I consider myself somewhat handy, there is no way that I can do all the jobs of 4 people at haulout.
So I’m desperately looking for volunteers to help me. I need 3 bodies willing to lug around cans of tallow. Yep, that’s all it takes. We provide the fashionable white overalls and gloves.

Boat Riders

Contact: Susan Hannah
Email: channah@sympatico.ca
We need boat riders for haulout Crane Large/Small area.

One team per shift, 2 boat riders per boat (total 16 per shift) pending weather and Coatsworth Cut boats:

Boat riders are required to assist boat owners in launching and docking boats. The job requires physical agility as you are required to climb on and off boats and move about the boat to assist the owner.

Friday 6:45 until lunch Or lunch until the end

Saturday 6:45 until 1200 lunch Or lunch until the end


Remember your PFD life jacket, warm clothes, gloves (optional), rain gear and safe shoes. Safety shoes are not recommended for boat riders.
Bring a whistle and VHF radio if you have them especially on boat trips outside to the Coatsworth Cut/Drysail crane area.

Dock Crew

Contact: Carolyn Weckesser
Email: abycdockcrew@gmail.com

Our teams requires 10-12 people for Friday, 16-20 people for Saturday and 6-8 people for Sunday.
Ideally, I would *love* to schedule half day shifts but that also means we need twice as many people! Although we may be lucky and get a few recruits looking for a secondary assignment on our team — we’ll have to see if that works out!

Friday Oct 19 – 0700 to approx 1700/1800 – with the small crane and large crane operating.
Saturday Oct 20 – 0700 to approx 1700/1800 – with the small crane, large crane and railway operating.
Sunday Oct 21 – Start time TBC probably 9:00 am. and end about midday – with the railway operating

Essentially our team’s objective is to get the right boat, at the right haulout location at the right moment.

There are two main roles on the team – the “crane” team and the “dock” team – even though we are all part of the Dock Team.

The crane team are pairs of two people designated as “large crane”, “small crane” and “mast crane” (themast crane is the rail yard). The crane teams are located at the haulout points and liaise primarily with the crane/rail foremen on the order of the boats to be hauled. The crane teams call the dock teams on the radio requesting to send the boats to be hauled.

The dock team are groups of two/three people and are located on the docks and liaise primarily with the skippers to get the boats ready to leave the dock when called. Dock teams are assigned to one of the four docks. We have multiple teams on red and green dock.page1image3696016

Crane Yard Positions

Contact: Larry Harrison
Email: abyc.launchhaul@outlook.com

If you are interested in joining the crane yard this haul-out, positions are available. This is a great opportunity for younger members to learn.