•  August 10, 2019
     12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The SI’s (Sailing Instructions) are located in the 2019 ABYC Events Book, Appendix B3
Based on the overwhelming success and support of last year, both Family Races will continue to utilize the
Pursuit Start format.

There are three main objectives in running our Family Races utilizing the Pursuit Start: FUN, FUN and
more FUN. While Pursuit Racing has been going on for decades worldwide… it’s newish to ABYC and a
few words about the concept are appropriate. There is a beautiful simplicity to pursuit racing. Set the
tortoises off first, then, release the hares. In a perfect world, all should cross the finish line together. The
start time of each boat is staggered, with slower rated boats starting ahead of faster rated boats.
The first boat across the finish line wins! The order in which boats cross the finishing line is the recorded
finishing order. It’s that simple!!!! There isn’t nearly the chaos at the start, and everyone makes it back to
the dock at approximately the same time.

Due to the time needed to calculate the staggered start time sequence for each boat, pre-registration will
be required to be completed 72 hours before each race. In future S2S editions, we will have the
registration form for each race available for download and completion. For now, please put these two
dates (July 14 th and August 11 th ) into your calendar.

To get the best possible PHRF Rating for your boat on the day of the family race, adjustments will be
made if:

  • Your boat has a crew member 10 years of age or under
  • Your boat has a crew member 70 years of age or over
  • You are sailing the boat double handed
  • You are sailing the boat double handed and one person is 14 years of age or under
  • You are entering this Family Race without any prior ABYC Club Race experience

Gordon Burt on behalf of the Family Race Organizing Committee
(To reach the Organizing Committee email: scorer@abyc.ca)