Clubs with Reciprocal Privileges

Yacht Club Reciprocal Privileges

One of the many benefits of being a member of ABYC is that you can take part in a long-standing reciprocal tradition with a community of Yacht Clubs (YC) that share their facilities with members from other clubs. It is your opportunity to visit and enjoy these reciprocal privileges at other yacht clubs around the lake. Cruise in or simply drop in to visit these clubs.

The Lake Ontario Cruising Club Association (LOCCA) manages the repository for YC reciprocal privileges on Lake Ontario. Through a definition of a YC, LOCCA seeks to facilitate reciprocal privileges around Lake Ontario and also to prevent the deterioration of reciprocal privileges (becoming more restrictive) by Yacht Clubs (YC).

A Yacht Club for the purposes of LOCCA cruising reciprocal privileges must have all of the following 5 components:

  1. Must be a registered Not-For-Profit.
  2. Should have an active cruising and / or racing program.
  3. Must provide a facility for members and visitors to use.
  4. Must offer a reciprocal program to other YCs.
  5. Be a member of Sail Canada / Ontario Sailing, or US Sailing.

Reciprocal privileges provided by YC’s may range from a ‘true reciprocal privilege’ (the same reciprocal privilege is granted to the YC member visiting that club as is provided at that member’s club). More commonly a YC will provide a ‘free night or 2’ and then charge a fee for an additional nights stay. Most YC’s will limit the number of nights that a visiting boat may stay and may limit the number of visits from the same boat to that club.

Not all YC’s support LOCCA (opted out) and some may not meet the definition of a YC and will not be included on the LOCCA Reciprocal List.

The reciprocal information you need to plan your cruise is provided on the LOCCA website’s Reciprocal List:

NOTE: the information provided on the LOCCA Reciprocal List may not be complete or may not be current so it is recommended that you visit the YC’s website to confirm their reciprocal policy or contact them.

Note regarding Marinas: ABYC does not provide reciprocal privileges to marinas. If you wish to visit a marina, a fee is likely to apply.

When Planning a Visit to Reciprocal YC

When you visit another YC you are guests and you are expected to abide by the Rules and Regulations of that YC and in accordance with the ABYC Code of Conduct

Research the information through review of their website.

You are encouraged to fly your ABYC burgee (in good condition) when you are entering the harbour of a reciprocal club. Some YC’s may require that a YC burgee be flown before they will honour the reciprocal privilege. Take your membership card with you. Many clubs require presentation of the membership card.