Co-op Sailing Program Guide

The Co-Operative Sailing Program (“CSP”) is intended to allow ABYC members who do not currently own a boat to use one provided by the Club, on a time-sharing basis.


ABYC, like most yacht clubs, has active racing programs and active cruising programs; generally, members
prefer one or the other factions of sailing.

Our sailing school uses dinghies as its primary instruction vessels, and graduates frequently progress from the sailing school to become active racing crew members or even purchase their own boats, becoming senior members, and joining ABYC’s fleet.

ABYC also offers an adult keel boat instruction program, which has been very successful. However, graduates from this program do not have a natural progression – the step up to purchasing a keel boat and enrolling it into the Club fleet is a large and serious commitment. The CSP is intended to fill this gap.

Candidates who would find the CSP of interest include:

  • Graduates of an adult keel boat sailing school.
  • Associate members who would like access to a cruising boat who are not in a position to commit to the expense of senior membership and full time boat ownership.
  • Experienced sailors (perhaps new to the city) who would like to “test the waters” prior to joining a yacht club.
  • Existing ABYC senior members who are currently “between boats”.

Features and Benefits

The “participant to boat” ratio will be pegged at 8 participants per boat.
All CSP participants will have an opportunity to use the boat on a regular basis.
Existing ABYC senior members, with similar boats, will provide guidance in the maintenance and preparation of the boat.
CSP participants will have the opportunity to learn how to maintain the boat, prepare it for launch in the spring, and decommission it for winter storage.
At least one boat will be pre-registered in the ABYC racing program (Tuesday night series). Existing ABYC senior members, involved in the racing program, may be available/present on race nights.
CSP participants interested in racing can “ease into” the program at their own speed.
CSP participants will be encouraged to participate in Club cruises.
CSP participants will get to meet other ABYC members on an “equal footing” basis, and to experience the cruising lifestyle.
CSP participants will be encouraged to participate in Club “work parties” to work along with ABYC senior members.
CSP participants will be able to build up a feeling of participation and contribution to the Club. Camaraderie is a major attraction to ABYC – our members do not consider themselves to be customers of a marina.
ABYC covers the cost of parts replacement, insurance, registration, etc.
Reduced administration and cost to the CSP participant.

Rules & Guidelines

To participate in the Co-operative Sailing Program (CSP), you must be a member of ABYC, in any adult membership category with the exception of Honourary Member or Out Of Town Member. In addition to the privileges enjoyed by these membership categories, you have the shared use of the boat to which you are assigned, subject to a few common sense rules outlined below.

  1. The CSP participants assigned to a boat are collectively responsible for its general maintenance, upkeep and cleaning throughout the season. The group’s elected Captain will help to organize the required participation. Each participant is expected to contribute to maintaining the boat. Participants are expected to attend launch and haul out also.
  2. In order to continue to make this a viable program each member will be asked to contribute volunteer hours toward the following activities:
    a:Boat Orientation (for new members)
    b:Boat Prep for launch and haul out (please note all members are required to be present for the days of launch and haul out, over and above any volunteer hours)
  3. Upon acceptance in the CSP, an accredited Instructor in ABYC’s sailing school, or a representative approved by the Rear Commodore, will give the CSP participant a practical sailing test. Successful completion of the sailing test will be required before reservations can be made.
  4. Each CSP participant is encouraged to hold the following current accreditation: CYA Basic Cruising Certificate or equivalent experience, and a Canadian Coast Guard Pleasure Craft Operator Card.
  5. Each CSP participant is required to hold the following current accreditation: a Toronto Port Authority Operators Permit for Power Driven Vessels (or equivalent Transport Canada Marine Certification), a Canadian Coast Guard Pleasure Craft Operator Card, and a Department of Communications
    Radiotelephone Operator’s Restricted Certificate. Note that the Toronto Port Authority requires the helmsman to hold this certification, even while a sailboat is not under motor power.
  6. CSP participants are expected to abide by the guidelines set up to reserve the boat. See section following Reserving the Boat.
  7. Life jackets will be available on the boat at all times but bringing your own life jacket is preferred. We strongly encourage all individuals onboard to wear a lifejacket at all times.
  8. Marine weather report is to be checked and recorded into the log prior to departure. The boat shall not taken out if a gale or storm warning is currently in effect or forecast for your reservation period. Serious consideration should be given to canceling sail plans when a strong wind warning (formerly known as small craft wind warning) is currently in effect or forecast for your reservation period.
  9. Complete the inspection checklist for your boat immediately upon stepping aboard. Report any defects, damage or missing equipment before departing using the appropriate forms. Written reports/forms should be left either in the CSP file in the office or with the gas dock staff. And notification of such report should be made as soon as conveniently possible to the CSP Co-ordinator (s) and/or Club Manager.
  10. Never leave the dock if any of the legally required equipment is missing or unserviceable.
  11. Return the boat to the dock and have it ready for the next person to use by the end of the period you have reserved. Report any damage, loss or unserviceable equipment immediately upon returning as outlined in item (8) above.
  12. If you arrive for your reservation and find the boat is not clean and ready for your use, record this in the log and notify the CSP Co-ordinator(s) of the incident as soon as conveniently possible.
  13. If for any reason the boat is not operational at the end of the period you have reserved, please attempt to contact the CSP participant with the reservation that follows and the CSP Co-ordinator (s) and/or Club Manager as soon as conveniently possible.
  14. Normal wear and tear, or minor damage incidental to normal sailing, is not charged to you.
  15. You will be accountable for significant damage or loss incurred while the boat is your responsibility, as well as lost items such as winch handles, fenders or safety equipment. Costs for replacement or repair will be deducted from your $250 deposit.
  16. For minor repairs or missing items, you may be asked by the CSP Co-ordinator(s) and/or Club Manager to fix or replace items, pick up parts at approved stores and repair.
  17. Diesel and gas for the boats is available at the ABYC gas dock at the program’s expense. Please note in the log/checklist when fuel has been purchased. It is the responsibility of the CSP participant to check the
    fuel levels before leaving ABYC. The fuel tank should never be allowed to go below half full. CSP participants will not be reimbursed for fuel purchases made outside the Club.
  18. Pump outs are also available at the gas dock at the program’s expense. Please note in the log/checklist when a pump out has been done. CSP participants will not be reimbursed for the cost of pump outs conducted outside the Club.
  19. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only while the boat is tied up at the dock or at anchor, and you are finished sailing for the day. Boating while impaired is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.
  20. The acceptance of pets onboard co-op boats will be assessed on a case by case basis and will require prior approval.
  21. On all overnight trips, CSP participants must file a sail plan at the ABYC gas dock prior to departure. If your planned return is delayed for any reason, advise the Club (Clubhouse or Gas Dock) of your new planned return time as soon as possible. Failure to do so may cause an unnecessary search to be initiated.
  22. When a CSP participant with Associate membership status has a guest or spouse using the boat on a regular basis, the guest is encouraged to also obtain ABYC membership (as per existing guidelines regarding racing crew).
  23. Periodically the boat may be taken out of service for maintenance or repair. Efforts will be made to return the boat to service as soon as possible, but in any case, refunds, rebates or adjustments of the CSP participant fees will not be considered.
  24. The boat is not to be taken outside of Canada (due to ownership and legal liability considerations).

    ABYC reserves the right to terminate any CSP participant’s participation in the program at any time.
    Refunding terminated CSP participant’s fees is solely at ABYC’s discretion.
    ABYC reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this program at any time.

  25. Reserving the Boat

    In general, the boat is available for CSP participants to reserve on a first come, first served basis, subject to a few restrictions, as outlined below.

  26. At least one boat will be registered to participate in the ABYC Tuesday white sail racing series. CSP
    participants interested in racing in this series must reserve the boat for this purpose. CSP participants
    are required to abide by the Club’s racing rules and sailing instructions.
  27. Each day is divided into two reservation periods. The AM period starts at sunrise and ends at 3:00 p.m. The PM period starts at 3:00 p.m. and ends at sunset.
  28. Unless you have the following AM period reserved for your use, all PM reservations must end with the boat returned to the ABYC dock by sunset.
  29. The boat may be booked on a first come, first serve basis. Each CSP participant may have no more than one weekend and two weekday reservations at any time. Reservations can only be done up to 4 weeks in advance.
  30. Last minute, same day reservations are possible and do not count toward number of available reservations.
  31. CSP participants will be permitted to take the boat out of the Club overnight provided all reservation periods have been booked by the participant in advance (PM reservation period followed by consecutive AM period).
  32. Once during the season each FULL CSP participant will be permitted to make a special two-day reservation. This reservation encompasses two consecutive calendar days, and includes four consecutive reservation periods starting with an AM reservation. Reservations are on a first come first
    serve basis, and can be made at any time following acceptance into the CSP. This reservation will not count toward any other reservations in Item 27. This is not available to intro co-op members. Full weekend booking of boats is intended for overnight cruises (not day sailing). To make sure we still have boats available at all times, the following rules will apply: Any one boat can only be booked for two weekends in any given month. Only two boats can be booked out for the same weekend (leaving 3 boats available).
  33. ABYC runs cruises to reciprocal yacht clubs on Lake Ontario and CSP participants may sign up for these for no cost overnight cruise. If you cruise yourself to other clubs, you may be liable to pay for overnight accommodation as reciprocal privileges at other clubs are often only extended to senior members with identification.
  34. If you have to cancel a reservation, please do so as soon as possible to allow others to reserve the boat. CSP participants are strongly encouraged to contact the group (via email preferably) if you cancel a reservation than 24 hours prior to your reservation to increase the chances of another CSP participant using the boat.

Using the CSP Online Reservation System

The CSP participants access the reservations through the ABYC website.

  1. Go to ABYC website at
  2. In right hand corner go to MEMBER LOGIN
  3. Using your assigned username and password login to the ABYC Members Area
  4. Scroll down the list and click on Co-op Reservation System
  5. Click on Manage My Reservations (ignore line)
  6. You then click on the week you’re interested in
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of page to determine availability
  8. Pick date/time and enter information