Cruising Signup

The following are the planned cruises for this year.
A cruise is open for registration if the REGISTER button is displayed. If a cruise has been closed this information will be included in the cruise description. To register for a cruise, click the Register button and fill in all the information that is applicable. You will receive an email confirming your information.

** NOTE **   The reservation is under your ABYC USERID.  Each member must register using THEIR OWN ABYC User ID.  Also, registering TWICE using your ABYC ID will remove the first registration — and your previous position on the reservation list.

TEST Registration - 2023

For new members and those who have not yet registered for a cruise and want to submit a test registration, please use this event registration to practice. You should receive an email confirmation of your submission to this "Cruising event". Complete the information correctly (do not put in mock information) as the registration information that you enter will autofill when you register for a real cruise. If you put in mock information you will need to update the information later. Note: This is not a monitored event registration and no follow up will be provided by the cruising captains. Please refer to the Cruising information on our website for more information about registrations, confirmations and cancellations.

Registration starts 01-Apr-2023

Limit: 100 - Currently signed up: 7